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September 12, 2015

We did it!

After lots of late nights, early mornings, sewing, pinning, designing, math-ing, attaching things with 1″ screws and drilling PVC, WE HAVE A DOME!

Taco Garay was gracious enough to help with projection for the day, and the crowd came in and looked up with excitement inside the dome space.

If you’re interested in supporting this project and seeing it go further, please kick a few bucks our way 🙂

Where this project is headed next…

As for the outer covering, I’m not entirely thrilled with how it looks. It looks bulky and creepy instead of modern and slick. It needs a much more tailored finish – but for the faire, the goal was to block light so that the projection on the screen could be seen.

There are two sections of black fabric in the outer covering of the dome. The upper section is a large circle(ish) shape that is centered on the top of the structure. There are 15 x 9′ panels of light-tight black upholstry that extend down from there. I didn’t want to sew these panels in any specific shape, so I left them rectangular. My thoughts are that when we do get a maker space, we will have enough fabric to sew proper 8′ panels of drape to surround a room.

The 2×4 structural supports need to be rebuilt so that they are easily and quickly assembled on-site of any installation. What this means is that we will reframe all 20 of the rectangular supports so that they can be bolted together.

The inner screen needs its edges hemmed. I love the “carnival” look that it has going, but that wasn’t the original intention.

When we install next, we’ll refine the projection system. I feel as though we are pretty close to getting full coverage for the structure with the projectors we have. In an indoor setting, this should be bright enough to be sufficient until we get a bigger budget for more and/or stronger projectors.

Finally, this project needs a home. The goal is to get Make Nashville its own warehouse/maker space so that we can do bigger, more wonderous things with it. In the meantime, the dome lives in pieces in my living room.

I would be interested in a sponsor. This much came together with a budget of significantly under $1000 because of donations. We’ve proven to be a resourceful group.

Yes, the dome is available to come to your event. We are going to make it better. Any money taken in from installing the dome will be split between improvements, repairs and cost-covering for the structure itself and crewing it during events – and the rest will be donated to Make Nashville so that we can have a proper makerspace. Content for the dome can be custom designed upon request.

(Email me if you are as excited about this as I am – ittybittyartist [at] gmail dot com.)

September 11, 2013

(Photos by Jenn and by Patrick Becker)

It came down to the wire. Last night we tried putting the dome up on its legs for the first time. While it looked good on fancily designed paper, the idea we had to support the structure, the fabric covering (67 yards of drape) and be sturdy enough to withstand a little weather, while not endangering viewers.

It was install time and we had to get the job done.

We hauled off to the lumber store and got enough 2×4’s to frame it in properly. We started installing at 5:00 PM, started the rebuild around 7:00 PM and due to the experience and talent of the Make Nashville members, we were done by 11PM.


September 6, 2015

Katie and Kevin Griffis graciously shared their living room – and dedication to the project for a 13.5 hour sewing marathon. The screen started off as 20 individual panels of fabric. From the center to the ends, it is over 16′ long.

It was put together with a Serger, graciously lent from my mother.

September 5, 2015


Starting this day, for a week or so, the Kenigson Family opened up their back yard and heart to this project and let us take over to put the dome up. The neighbors were probably wondering what on earth we were up to, but we kept focused on the goal – piecing, drilling and attaching pipes, cutting boards, fitting fabric, and doing whatever it took to keep the project moving.

On the off evenings, I went back home to finish up the lightproof covering for the top of the structure and to finish sewing the five last remaining seams of the screen. It took 67 yards of fabric *JUST* to cover the outside of the dome. The inside was made from 10 panels of screen fabric that Chris Lee donated – he just happened to have them at home. (That’s one thing I love about makers. They have things you couldn’t even imagine because they see the value in them.)

August 29, 2015

(Photos by Chris Lee)

Anode, Inc. welcomed us into their garage with open arms to test putting the PVC dome together. Things did not go as quickly as planned, but we did get the basic dome structure together. We worked from 10AM until about 8PM.

August 13, 2015

The projection dome project is underway! It will make its debut at the 2015 Nashville Mini Maker Faire at the Adventure Science Center.



This dome will use a two-projector setup and will deliver animated and video content to viewers.

If you’re interested in producing content for this dome, please email ittybittyartist [@] for more information. You’ll need to complete the call for entry. If you’re not sure how to create video content for this format, but you’re a video or animation artist, please reach out and we’ll help you out!

If you’re able to make a little bit of a donation for the screen, that would be amazing…

If you would like to be a major sponsor of this project OR of the Make Nashville maker space, please email ittybittyartist [@]

Dome Crew:

Jenn Deafenbaugh – fearless leader

Assembly Crew:

Matt Kenigson
Matt Waldner
KT Griffis
Kevin Griffis
Chris Lee
Jayson Wall
Lance Cain
Walter Woods
Patrick Becker
Joel Lindsey
Gavin Groce
Megan Kelly
Becky Fox Matthews
Levi Self
Fredrick Paul Eisele
Daren Strange

Digital Media Team:

Taco Garay

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