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Metal Fabrication

For two years, I've been creating aerial apparatuses out of steel for dancers. As an individual who pursues aerial arts for fitness and fun, I've come to appreciate the creative potential of this art form. My work can be seen at


Want to talk about a project, grab a cup of coffee or a beer? Have a thought you'd like to share? Feel free to drop me a line. :)


A little about me

I love interactivity and I love the art of animation. Interface design has been a part of my work for as long as I've been a designer. I would stay up all night, without hesitation, for my motion graphics and interactive design classes. From there, I became a Flash developer and graphic designer - I picked up front-end web development and am presently a full-time animator/media designer. On the side, I create digital and interactive art using C++, processing and various web tools.

Presently, for work, I produce educational videos that make electrical engineering concepts a little more easy to understand for the everyday person. I've done work for large museum installations, live performances, built applications for million dollar agency accounts and created graphics for tiny startup nonprofits. I'm versatile, efficient and resourceful. I'm an Adobe Certified Professional in both After Effects and Illustrator. Studying new features and new technologies is a passion and very much a demand in this field. Creating this type of art is both my profession and my hobby.

I volunteer and am an active member of the creative community. It's a wonderful thing to be afforded the opportunity to be creative - to thrive and not just to survive. For this reason, I try to pay it forward and help other artists grow and learn tools to build the things they imagine.

I teach. I've taught since I was a teenager. Then, it was tutoring in Algebra and giving piano lessons. I've taught design courses for continuing education and art classes for youth and I've been a professional trainer for graphic design, motion graphics and video editing.

I love cooking and dancing. I've got a background in music - I'm a ukulelist. (It's super portable and great for campfires.)

Personal Info

  • 614.600.2514
  • Nashville, TN
  • ittybittyartist [at] gmail [.] com